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America University, located in the beautiful city of Celebration, in the US State of Florida, United States of America. Celebration gave way to the American Nucleus of Science and Academic Research: America University, which was born in this scenario because it considers evolution a normal process of human development and growth, and because it believes that scientific research allows us to expand the cognitive field of each area and produce changes in the daily life of the society involved, promoting the growth of knowledge and technological progress that takes into account teaching/learning to act as a transforming force in the intellectual field. The University, therefore, places special emphasis on training people, with the aim of creating and supporting researchers with ethics and justice, in the progress of human sciences, arts, letters and techniques. The University certainly contributes to the scientific, technological, artistic and cultural advancement of humanity. The University has a faculty of excellence and the latest technology to offer undergraduate, MBA, Master's, Doctoral and Ph.D. courses in various areas of knowledge, in the distance modality, nationally and internationally.


To promote, disseminate and democratize access to knowledge, contributing to the training of increasingly qualified professionals and to the development of a more critical, valuable and altruistic society, favoring the integral formation of the student, including them digitally and socially through the Distance Learning, providing intellectual growth, self-learning and the strengthening of ethical and moral values, essential for professional growth and the full exercise of citizenship.


America University is recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of its courses, the quality of its scientific production and the social impact of its academic actions.


Ethics, equity, integrity, institutional excellence, transparency and social responsibility.


Welcome to America University We at America University are honored to present you the Master's and Doctoral courses designed especially for today's students. These are programs carefully developed in a highly didactic way, based on the most modern teaching and research experience, in the Distance Education modality, which has been developed worldwide as an alternative to the traditional educational system. This teaching modality aims to give students a higher degree, leading them to progress and personal fulfillment. America University is always committed to the training of its students, who will be future good professionals and promoters of the institution in which they received their training. Distance education is nothing more than the application of modern methodologies and didactic techniques taken to students, so that they can enjoy a modern, efficient and complete study. Distance Education presupposes that the student is uninhibited, self-sufficient and concerned with the constant search for knowledge. The teaching methodology is not made available to the student in order to keep him away from the University, on the contrary, all students are exhaustively monitored by coordinators, supervisors, tutors and advisors, so that they, students. do not feel lost, without support and with no one to turn to. America University, being a modern institution that offers Master's, Doctoral and Ph.D. courses, has its board of directors aware of the need for permanent updating, so that it can deliver to its students content that is up to date with the reality of every moment, in four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, with the aim of achieving national and international successes


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